Oh 2013... I think you'll be a beautiful year!

Hi folks! It seems as if I'm updating this site more and more with new dates for the 2013 calendar. So check it out, spread the love and come to a show. From festivals, coffee shops to house concerts - it's all there! Do you know of a venue in your area that you'd like to see some Rachel Leyco on the calendar? Shoot me an email: info@rachelleyco.com I'd love to spread the acoustic love.

Writing, writing and more writing. It's new songs and even many familiar ones! Getting acquainted with playing some of my favorite tunes on stage. I've never been to fond of playing covers because I never thought I could do the original artist justice. Alas, I've been taking a stab at it these past few months and they seem pretty popular with the crowd. Who knew?  

As always, thank you. For those asking when the next show is or giving me a hard time for not having an album yet. You make me want to continue to do what I'm doing.


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