It's nice to see you summer...please do stay.

Progress is good and by god progress we have. In between life and work I've been able to squeeze some time to focus on this new venture. And on this new venture I've gained some new friends and opportunities. Both of which have contributed to the creation of new material. Nothing like starting fresh and indulging in creative freedom. I've recently been crafting some tunes to eventually lay a couple of tracks in the studio for an EP. Looks like I will forego that process with my long time friend and producer, Grant Rutledge. Also along the way I've been fortunate enough to cross paths with a cello player, Constance, interested in playing on some of my material. So, we've played a few tunes and gosh, it sounds incredible. I've always loved the cello and to hear it played so well on my music is such a treat. She will be accompanying me at the Dogwood Dell performance next week. You're not going to want to miss that! 

A special thanks to everyone who made it out the Legend's show along with Blue Line Highway. You were a great crowd and your support is much appreciated. Thanks to my new friends BLH for the opportunity to share the stage! It's been great networking with fellow RVA musicians because we help each other out. Our following seems to mold into one another and it allows for our fan base to grow even bigger. John, from Blue Line Highway, was super sweet enough to record my show. I'll try to get those sound files onto the site. Stay tuned! 

I have more dates listed, more songs to be completed, more photos to be taken, more merch to be created and more and more and more. So please keep posted! And so the saga continues...



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