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Oh 2013... I think you'll be a beautiful year! 

Hi folks! It seems as if I'm updating this site more and more with new dates for the 2013 calendar. So check it out, spread the love and come to a show. From festivals, coffee shops to house concerts - it's all there! Do you know of a venue in your area that you'd like to see some Rachel Leyco on the calendar? Shoot me an email: I'd love to spread the acoustic love.

Writing, writing and more writing. It's new songs and even many familiar ones! Getting acquainted with playing some of…

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New Dates Added 

I simply want to extend a great big thanks to everyone who has come out to the past shows, for the words of encouragement and all the hand clapping and whoo-hoos. You guys rock. I'm excited to be adding more shows to the calendar so be sure to check it out. The master set list is fast growing with new original tunes and some covers. Nothing like adding some Patsy Cline, Ray Lamontagne, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley - just never know what you'll hear from this crazy southern born Filipino! 

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Back in the game! 

Hi there friends! It's been a crazy long time... I know. I'm so excited to announce that I'm back in the game! I'll be actively booking gigs, working towards an album, adding new cover tunes, playing with new folks and most importantly writing new music. It's a new day in the LAKE-OH world. I'm so excited to take on this new venture and share it with you all. Constance and I just wrapped up the 43rd St. Festival gig this past weekend. Thank you so much to all of you who came out to support and those new…

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New Video Added! 

Greetings all! Thanks to the good folks at WTVR's VA This Morning for posting a video of our performance to share!
Check out the video section!


Good times 

Hey friends! Things have been going great on the music end. Thanks to all of you who supported us at the GCCR gig in January! It was an overwhelming turnout. The room was packed almost to capacity! Also thanks to those of you who hung out with us at our Grandpa Eddie's gig last night. Those "friends" shows are always a treat. I got to share the stage with my good friend/musician/ex-bassist Scott Varney. I also got to check out up and coming artists Christine and Molly. Great job everyone! Constance and I…

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The last of the year 

A great big THANK YOU to all of you who made it out the the National gig! Both Constance and I had a fantastic time on the stage. I've seen so many of my favorite artists on that stage that it was truly a treat to be there. See video of one of our tunes below courtesy of our new friend and musician Shane Cooley. That performance will be our last for the year as we take the next two months off to focus on finishing the EP and working on some new tunes for the 2011 year. Thanks again everyone!!


Hi friends! I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with Shane Cooley at the National Theater here in Richmond on Saturday - October 16yth. It's the best live music venue in town! Tickets are $10 and available by e-mailing:

In other news, things in the studio are coming along and it's sounding terrific. Working with Grant Rutledge is always a pleasure and we can't wait to share our work soon. Stay tuned for more information on the release of the EP.

I'd like to send a virtual…

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It's nice to see you summer...please do stay. 

Progress is good and by god progress we have. In between life and work I've been able to squeeze some time to focus on this new venture. And on this new venture I've gained some new friends and opportunities. Both of which have contributed to the creation of new material. Nothing like starting fresh and indulging in creative freedom. I've recently been crafting some tunes to eventually lay a couple of tracks in the studio for an EP. Looks like I will forego that process with my long time friend and…

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New 2010 Dates Added 

Check out the tour dates section for some new dates and mark those calendars! A huge 'thank you' to all of those who made it out to the Grandpa Eddie's show along with Ominatago and Kariayn Ayres. It was a super good crowd and I had fun playing with my new violinist friend, Jen Hansen. Looking forward to posting more dates!

Happy New Year! 

So here we are closing yet another year and time is rapidly dwindling away like it does when you grow old. Almost like those trips to Jersey when I was a kid that felt like it took a week and now consumes half a day. Weird. Whatever time I've been getting over the holidays has been musically productive. Writing, writing and more writing. New material is a good thing. It's refreshing to know I can still pull it off and make the words and music meld into one another. The show in January is keeping me on top…

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